About Us

Here at Precision, we strive to offer unprecedented quality in construction and project management services by delivering projects on time, under budget, and consistently exceeding client expectations.

Richard S. Wolf founded Precision Hotel Interiors in 1987, and currently oversees the corporate offices in Valencia, California. Founded on an aggressive business strategy and a commitment to client satisfaction, Precision has achieved progressive annual growth, maintaining the ability to adapt to a complex and ever-changing market landscape. Through use of the most innovative communications, estimation, and scheduling technologies, our company fosters unparalleled productivity in all aspects of the project experience and encourages development of creative solutions to complex problems. We aspire to maintain the highest quality product at the most competitive pricing; always maximizing the value of our clients. Through completion of increasingly challenging projects, Precision continues to establish itself as a dominant contender in an extremely competitive industry.


Our highly experienced team of estimators, superintendents, and project managers works closely and cooperatively with clientele in all aspects of the renovation process. Our primary goal is to provide a seamless transition throughout the renovation process and create an unhindered guest experience during the duration of the project. 

In 1987, Richard Wolf founded Precision Flooring and Installation as a flooring and furniture installation contractor. By 1993, Rick had established Precision Hotel Interiors and expanded the company into a full service General Contractor specializing in hotel renovation. His philosophy is rooted in professionalism and integrity, which has allowed him to establish a large network of high profile clientele, expanding company operations beyond interior renovation into exterior, structural, and general engineering projects.

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Scott Wolf encompasses the epitome of a Precision employee success story. Starting from the ground level of the company in 2007, Scott has quickly worked his way through the ranks, serving as a laborer, Superintendent, Project Manager, Chief Estimator, and now Vice President. Because of his experience in all aspects of the hotel renovation process, both from the office and in the field, Scott has gained an invaluable breadth of knowledge and management skills to ensure success on every project. With a business degree in Business Administration from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Scott strives to integrate new company policies and procedures to guide the growth and adaptation of the company in an intricate and evolving industry.

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After joining Precision in 1992, Kurt Wolf set out to restructure all existing accounting practices and office procedures in an effort to propel the company towards new revenue streams, and a larger geographical scope. Kurt has single-handedly established Precision's financial foundation, which is still in place today, and has allowed the company to reach new levels of growth and success. He currently oversees all finances, accounting, and company inventory in the corporate office.

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With over thirty years of experience in the hospitality industry, Jim Leach has managed all aspects of hotel renovation projects ranging from FF&E installations to full scale hotel renovations and ground-up construction. Jim's expert construction knowledge provides him the ability to direct all field operations on multiple projects, simultaneously. He currently oversees all daily operations for each individual project to ensure that every renovation is successfully completed on time and under budget.

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Email: jim@phi-online.com

As a project manager with 20 years’ experience, James Albin handles subcontracting, budget management, purchasing and procurement, and specializes in organizing projects in the field. Prior to joining the Precision team in 2001, James worked in the network and telecommunications industry. His experience in that industry has proved beneficial to the team, and he has since simultaneously managed all computer, telephone, and networking procedures for Precision.

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